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A Little Background on Bosch...

Established over 170 years ago right here in the UK Bosch Group have
become one of the leading companies in the global engineering and
technology services industry.  Not only are they involved in tackling
major challenges around the globe, but also create new technologies
for everyone to enjoy on a day to day basis.

Bosch have been providing efficient and practical solutions since 1843
and now produce some of the best Kitchen Appliances on the market to date. 

Bosch Cooking Appliances | Nationwide Appliances
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Bosch Single ovens:

Bosch have a wide range of single ovens to choose from, wether its a simple to use oven or the
state of the art digital option there really is an oven for everyone, select yours by price, function or
design, either way you wont be disappointed by the vast range available. Single ovens can be
mounted at any level, low level under worktop, mid height or anywhere in between depending on
the design / style of the kitchen.

Bosch Double ovens:

There are two types of double oven available from Bosch, theres the under counter double oven or
the built in double oven, the built under double oven is just that, its designed to fit low level under a
worktop and the built in double over is designed to fit in a tall housing mounted at waist / mid hight,
again just like the single oven the choice is huge and there’s an oven to suit everyone shopping

Bosch Compact ovens:

Bosch offer a comprehensive range of compact ovens, they do everything the full size ovens do
but just have a smaller oven capacity, infant some of the compact ovens do more that their big
brothers and sisters, compacts can include steam functions, grille and even incorporate

Bosch microwaves:

If your looking for a conventional freestanding microwave, one that fits into a wall unit or maybe
one to fit above an oven in a tall housing Bosch have options for all scenarios. Microwaves are the
perfect appliance for the people who have little time, not only does a bosch microwave save time
but also saves energy.

Warming draws:

If your looking to keep your plates warm while you cook that perfect meal or maybe you need to
keep the perfect meal warm, a Bosch warming draw offers you a solution to this problem. you have
a couple of choices with a 14cm small warming draw and also the bigger 29cm warming draw thats
perfect for the larger families.

Electro Hob:

The Electro hob from Bosch is also known as the ceramic hob, this is the traditional style electric
hob that everyone is familiar with, either available as a sealed zone plate or the more modern style
glass ceramic hob with conventional knobs or also available with touch screen in some models.

Gas Hob:

Bosch gas hobs come in a vast range of sizes and choices of materials / colour, need that extra
place for another pan? increase your gas hob to a 5 burner hob in either a stainless steel or black
steel or a more modern glass one, most 5 burner hobs also have a wok burner section, take a look
at the full range of gas hobs from Bosch.

Induction Hob:

An Induction hob from bosch really is clever, its much quicker than gas or the ceramic options
available, in fact it can boil 2 litres of water twice as fast as the ceramic electric hob, not only is it
more efficient in terms of cooking time the induction hob is so much easier to clean down. many
sizes available and so many options on cooking zones.

Domino hob:

Domino hobs are a mini hob, bosch have a selection of domino hobs that compliment any of the
other hobs within the bosch family, you can either have a ceramic, gas or even an induction type
domino hob. These hobs are perfect if you want lets say a induction main hob but still need a wok
burner in gas, simply put a domino next to your main hob and you then have a solution.

Extractor / Cooker Hoods:

Bosch extractors are the finishing touch to your kitchen, not only are they great for extraction rates
but they really do look the part too, the wall mounted and island range offers sleek clean lines and
some ultra modern cooker hoods, the built under, canopy and ceiling mounted are more of a subtle
look but still offer the best in extraction rates.

Washing machines:

The Bosch range of washers and washer dryers is vast, there’s options on spin speed, size of the
drum or choose from the amount of functions they have, there’s a built in range and also a
freestanding range of washers too.


Dishwashers have become a priority when designing a new kitchen, this is evident by the large
choice available from Bosch, some of the most advanced technologies go into the designing of
bosch dishwashers, they are designed to use less water but with increased performance. Available
in freestanding or built in, semi integrated or slimline there really is a huge range.


Bosch offer an extensive range of fridges, theres a bosch fridge for all types of installation and
models with freezers that are frost free too, the types include under counter, built in, freestanding a
fridge freezer or the big daddy that is the American style fridge freezer.


The freezers from bosch are mainly upright freezers and built in but we do also offer a selection of
freestanding freezers from bosch, there is a small selection of chest freezers available too, most
customers choose their freezer on the size and style of compartment.

Wine Coolers:

We have a couple of wine coolers available from bosch, the 60cm wine cabinet holds up to 43 wine
bottles and perfect to keep your wine cool and the tall wine cabinet from bosch which holds 120
wine bottles. Everyone should have a wine cooler to return home to after a long day at work.

Coffee Machines:

Only one built in coffee machine available from bosch, this built in coffee machine with home
connect offers coffee lovers the perfect coffee no matter how you like your coffee. This machine is
fitted with sensoFlow which automatically switches the temperature depending on the type of